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How It Works

Everyone comes to a point in time where their health goals feel out of reach and your life is lacking the extra joy you usually have. Whether it's relying on one too many takeout orders, stuck in a routine or not feeling confident in yourself. There may be a time (or several) when you need to recalibrate your health and could benefit from some external motivation or guidance. Enter: a well-being coach. A well-being coach can help you reach your health goals, feel your best, and act as your personal cheerleader. 

Soul Body Joy was created to help you find a sense of joy in who you are; in your body and in your life. This program encourages you to be engaged and live a life of purpose by implementing an intentional healthy lifestyle.

I'm ready to meet you where you are, are you ready to find more joy in your health journey?

Colorful Food


“Be yourself, but always be your better self.”
- Karl G. Maeser

    Personality Awareness: dive into the Enneagram with me to discover who you really are and what motivates you.

    Happiness Evaluation 
    How happy are you?

    Joyful Journal
    What brings you joy?


“You can not change what you are, but you can change what you do.”
- Philip Pullman

  • Full evaluation on current eating habits, exercise and lifestyle 

  • Discuss struggles and goals

  • Create a personalized nutrition strategy for optimal health 

  • Help incorporate a exercise program

  • Healthy meal shopping and meal preparation

  • Walk and talk check-in sessions 

  • One on one yoga sessions

Image by Peter Conlan


"I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead help them reveal the greatest version of themselves."
- Steve Maraboli

How It Works: Classes

All services can be completed in person or virtually. 

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