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About Me

Lisa Crouse | Well-Being Coach

As an overweight teenager and young adult, I was the embodiment of the American diet and lifestyle.  I tried fad diets, always in search of the latest weight loss trends. I tried everything from the Atkins diet to cellophane body wraps to endless cans of Diet Coke and – I’m not proud to confess – diet pills, as early as seventh grade.


But then I lost my parents due to health issues, much too early, making me face some of my unhealthy habits and rethink my eating and my lifestyle. I became a student of health, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Today, I eat an almost entirely vegan, raw, and plant-based diet and this has made all the difference. I LOVE IT!  I teach yoga, workout, ride my bicycle. I’ve studied functional medicine and read countless books on well-being.


My passion now is to share this knowledge and encourage people to become their best selves and to find freedom and joy in our mind and bodies – and freedom from the foods and lifestyle that are making Americans so obese and sick.


I want to meet you where you are and encourage you to break out of your box and live the life you were meant to live. This is my mission.

- LC


My Qualifications

My Mantras

  • MindBodyGreen Certified Functional Nutrition Coach

  • Mind Body Green Ambassador

  • Fitness Pro Travel Yoga Teacher

  • Yogafit Certified Instructor (200 hours)

  • Back Road Bikes Travel Advisor

  • Enneagram Enthusiast

  • I will see God in all things.

  • I will help others find joy and meaning in their life

  • I will feed my soul and body will food that nurture and
    heal me and help others do the same

  • I will be quick to listen and slow to speak

  • I will be present and live wholeheartedly

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